Cappuccino vs. Cortado

what's the difference?

What is the difference between a Cappuccino and Cortado? Here is everything to know about these two coffee drinks!

Love frothy drinks?  Then a cappuccino is your drink! A cappuccino is made with espresso and equal parts steamed or frothed milk. It’s a smaller volume drink compared to a latte with much more froth!

The Cortado drink originates from the Spanish word “to cut,” which is precisely what happens to the intensity of the coffee when you prepare it. Cortado is a 4-ounce drink made using equal parts coffee and added steamed milk.

What are the differences?

Difference #1:

Cappuccinos are one of the foamiest mainstream milk coffee recipes, and about 30% of the steaming process is focused on foam creation.  By contrast, cortados have virtually no foam!


Difference #2:

Cortado is always a 4-ounce drink. An espresso doppio plus milk. Cappuccinos are usually served at 5-6 ounces, but in many shops, the volume has grown. Sometimes up to 8 ounces.


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