Coffee  vs.  Cappuccino

what's the difference?

Wondering what's the difference between a  coffee vs a cappuccino?  I'm sharing the differences between these classic coffee drinks! 


Coffee Background

Coffee has been around for centuries but nobody exactly knows when or how it was discovered! We do know the Arabian Peninsula was where coffee cultivation and trade first began.

Cappuccino Background

The cappuccino was invented in the early 1900s in Italy after the espresso machines were introduced.


The flavor of these 2 coffee beverages vary but both have very strong flavors.  Though,  a regular drip coffee has a much stronger flavor than the cappuccino.


The espresso you use for a cappuccino should be ground to a very fine ground. When you grind your coffee for a cup of drip coffee, you'll want to get a medium coarseness! This will give you that perfect cup of joe. 


If you're comparing a regular one shot cappuccino and a cup of coffee, a cup of coffee has a bit more caffeine than the coffee.

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