What is French Roast Coffee?


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What is it? 

French roast is used to describe the color of the coffee beans after they have been roasted.  That means any beans can be used to make French roast coffee. It is a dark roast and the beans are usually the color of dark chocolate.

What does it taste like?

If you love the idea of a smoky-sweet flavor in your cup of coffee, then a French roast coffee might be your coffee of choice.  It is considered a double-roasted coffee, making this a very dark roasted coffee.

How are the beans roasted? 

The internal temperature of the coffee beans is brought up to 464 F (240 C) during the roasting process. More coffee oils start to shimmer on the surface of the coffee beans as the roast gets darker.

French Roast vs Dark Roast

French roast coffee is some of the darkest coffee out there. 

Each  dark roast coffee will have a subtle difference and there are many to try if you want to test your palate and try the different flavors of coffee.

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