Types of Coffee Grinds


These are 7 different types of grind sizes to know!

Burst with Arrow


Compared to coarse ground coffee beans, they are larger and are generally used to make cold brew coffee.

Extra Coarse

The size of coarsely ground coffee beans is similar to that of kosher salt. It requires minimal grinding so that the shape remains big. The size of a coarse grind is perfect to use for French press coffee.




Medium coarse coffee grounds are smoother and less chunky in size. They are best used with a cone-shaped pour-over or a filter similar to a Kalita. The texture of this grind is identical to that of rough sand.

Medium Coarse


Medium grind is the most commonly used grind size for a regular cup of drip coffee at coffee shops and coffee bars. The size of these medium-sized ground beans is similar to that of sea salt.



If you are a fan of pour-over coffee, you should keep the size of the coffee grounds medium fine. For best results, they are suggested to be used with grinders that come with cone-shaped filters.

Medium Fine


A cup of coffee made out of fine-grind coffee beans is more pungent in taste than other cups of coffee. The consistency of fine-sized beans is similar to that of powdered sugar. This is the type of grounds used in espresso machines.



Superfine grind is the most preferred form of grind to make a delicious cup of Turkish coffee.The size and texture of the grinds are similar to that of flour or powdered sugar.


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