How to Make A Shot of Espresso?

Espresso (usually pronounced “eh-spreh-sow”) is the cornerstone of modern coffee. Once you understand what it is and why people love it, everything else will start making A LOT more sense. Let's learn!

What is Espresso?

In about 30 seconds, nearly boiling water is forced through a compressed puck of finely ground coffee at high pressure. The result is a 1-ounce drink called a “shot.”

How to  Pull an Espresso Shot


Prepare your portafilter. It should be clean, dry and hot.

Set the grind. You'll want a very find grand with particles around 0.88 mm in diameter.


Dose the shot. You'll want center-fill the basket to 9 grams for a single shot.


Level and tamp! Tap the outside of the portafilter and rest the leading edge on a flat counter. Use the tamper to press down firmly.


Pull the shot!  Let the shot run for 25-30 seconds.


Watch and learn! Seeing how the coffee flows and the color, etc will help you improve your technique.


Want to learn more?

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