Nespresso  vs.  Espresso

Which is better?

Looking for the difference between nespresso vs espresso? We're sharing everything to know about the two! Keep reading to learn more! 


What is Espresso?

It involves forcing boiling water through finely-ground coffee beans under 9-10 bars of pressure. There are a wide variety of coffee beans you can use to make Espresso.

What is Nepresso?

Essentially you put coffee grounds and hot water in the bottom of the press pot, let it sit and then press the top of the device which is a stainless steel filter down to separate the grounds from the water to give you your perfect cup of coffee.

Comparison of Drinks

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Many coffee aficionados would argue Nespresso does not equate to the ideal cup of Espresso, and they’re right...

All Espressos have a similar quality, but you can’t generalize the flavor because it depends on the coffee varietal you pick, degree of roast, fineness of the granulation, and the skill involved in pulling a perfect shot.


Think of Nespresso as the lite version of Espresso. It’s medium-bodied but rich in flavor and adequate in the aroma department.


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