Bit of Cream Team

Get to know our amazing team! We adore all of our amazing writers and the unique skills they bring. From someone who runs a coffee roastery to profesisonal baristas with over 15 years of experience to classically trained chefs, our team is robust and well rounded…just like the coffee we like to drink!

Below is some fun facts about our team. We hope you enjoy getting to know them!

David Lewis

David Lewis runs a community nano-bakery and coffee roastery in Alabama, where he makes deliveries by bicycle with his 5 year old son. He’s also the founder of Kitchen Ambition where he’s focused on teaching 1 million people how to prepare and share their own food. He’s a regular contributor at Bit of Cream.

Freya Drake is a classically trained chef with 20 years back-of-house experience. She’s a graduate of Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland, and a vet of well-known Portland restaurants like Bluehour, Castagna, and Pambiche. She is the resident pastry expert at Kitchen Ambition, and a contributing writer for Bit of Cream.

freya drake

Jasmine Mattey is a coffee lover, bookworm, and regular contributor at Bit of Cream. As a child she dreamed of opening a coffee shop, but today she’d prefer to sip coffee rather than sell it. Jasmine graduated top of her class at culinary school. When she isn’t curled up with a cup of coffee and a good book, you’ll find her cooking, baking and writing about her culinary adventures at Kitchen Ambition .

Lily Blackburn is a professional barista of 15 years. She’s worked extensively behind the bar in America’s premier coffee city – Portland, OR – including stops at Upper Left Roasters and Ranger Chocolate. She’s the resident coffee expert at Kitchen Ambition, and a regular contributor for Bit of Cream.

lily blackburn

William Mack is a classically trained chef and a coffee enthusiast. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America he spent a decade cooking in top NYC restaurants like Spice Market and Betony. He’s now the culinary editor at Kitchen Ambition, and a contributor at Bit of Cream.