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Cafe Bustelo Review: Best Supermarket Coffee?

You may be wondering–is Cafe Bustelo good? Is it espresso, or is it coffee?

Cafe Bustelo has been a supermarket staple for decades. And whether you’re an instant coffee expert, or you like to take instant coffee on camping trips, Cafe Bustelo is an instant lover’s go-to for a great hot cup of coffee.

In this Cafe Bustelo review, I’ll talk about how it’s served, why it’s so popular, and its unique flavor profile.

Cafe Bustelo Review

Café Bustelo Coffee In A Nutshell

Cafe Bustelo is a super popular brand of instant coffee that is a bold flavor of coffee. 

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The flavor and texture of Cafe Bustelo coffee is what makes it such a beloved, household staple for such a long time. Even though it’s “just” instant coffee, Cafe Bustelo has surprisingly rich flavor and body. The level of crema even a small amount of Bustelo produces is rather unheard of in the realm of instant.

cafe bustelo

You can brew Bustelo as espresso, or add more coffee and hot water for a bold cup of instant “drip.” Bustelo uses a combination of Robusta and Arabica beans.

This combination gives Bustelo its earthy and chocolate notes that taste great with milk and sugar or even your favorite coffee syrup flavor. It also contributes to higher-than-average caffeine content and strong coffee flavor.

Out of all the different brewing methods, one of the more common ways to brew Cafe Bustelo is by making a Cubano or Cuban style coffee. Cubanos combine raw, demerara sugar with espresso. Lovers of Cuban coffee mix a small amount of Cafe Bustelo in a few ounces of water, then stir in demerara sugar.

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Why Is Café Bustelo So Good?

The real question is, what is the best part about Café Bustelo? Well, it all boils down to its super smooth taste and the super high caffeine content. 

I am a firm believer that the coffee you grew up drinking is the kind of coffee you’ll love most of your life. And if you grew up drinking heavy, dark roast coffee like French Press or espresso, little else compares. Cafe Bustelo is good because it’s convenient and nostalgic, with a smooth espresso-style taste that’s difficult to mess up.

The texture and richness of Cafe Bustelo are unique. If you look at a range of instant coffee, you’ll notice Bustelo is super fine for espresso.

cafe bustelo

This often results in a muddy mouthfeel that gives the coffee its heavy body, and produces the familiar layer of foamy crema. It’s the closest thing to espresso texture you can make at home without an actual espresso machine.

Bustelo also stands up well to cream and sugar. If you’re not a black-coffee person, a bit of cream won’t diminish the smooth flavor profile of Bustelo.

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cup of espresso

Cafe Bustelo is one of the cheapest coffees out there. It’s available at most supermarkets, and it tastes the same wherever you buy it. The consistency and affordability of Cafe Bustelo definitely add to its appeal.

Of course, not everyone loves the strong flavor of instant coffee. Instant coffee is pre-ground and vacuum-sealed in instant coffee packets to preserve freshness. It’s also roasted on the darker side. When roasting so much coffee at once, it’s easier for a roaster to over-roast everything rather than risk under-roasting. And dark roast is beloved by many, so it sells as one the best instant coffee roasts. 

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cafe bustelo

At the end of the day, Cafe Bustelo lacks the nuanced flavor of fresh ground coffee. If you are someone who prefers coffee brands that are medium to light roast profiles, the bold coffee flavor of Cafe Bustelo may be off-putting. 

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  • Easy to brew
  • Low price
  • Strong flavor
  • Heavy body/mouthfeel
  • Crema-like consistency 


  • Bitter flavor
  • Muddy mouthfeel
  • High caffeine 
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The Bottom Line

A cup of Cafe Bustelo resembles the texture and vibrant character of espresso.

Many brew Cafe Bustelo as a Cubano, mixing a concentrated amount of Bustelo with raw, demerara sugar. The sweetness of the sugar is a great balance to the great flavor of the Bustelo.

Bustelo uses a distinct blend of Arabica and Robusta beans to make their instant coffee. Because robusta beans are cheaper to cultivate, Cafe Bustelo is an affordable coffee that you can find at your local grocery store that still has a unique espresso-style coffee taste. The use of Robusta coffee also contributes to higher caffeine content. 

Cuban coffee

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Is Café Bustelo considered to be good coffee?

Cafe Bustelo is a popular brand of coffee among many types of caffeine lovers. Though you won’t see it used at coffee shops, it’s hard to deny that the bitter, earthy flavor of this coffee isn’t good. Any coffee lover will tell you it’s a beloved favorite for a reason and makes a tasty cup of coffee.

Can you drink Café Bustelo like regular coffee?

You can drink Cafe Bustelo like regular coffee. Add more Bustelo and more water to make a ratio that tastes right to you. Cafe Bustelo has a super fine grind, like espresso. But one of the appeals is that you can brew Bustelo however you take your coffee. Some even use Aeropress to better mimic the texture of espresso. 

Is Café Bustelo a cheap coffee?

Cafe Bustelo is one of the cheapest coffees available making it a great value. You can buy 36 ounces of Cafe Bustelo for less than $20. Compare this to a bag of single-origin, whole-bean coffee, which runs at least $15 for only 12 ounces. Cafe Bustelo is marked at a great price and uses a combination of Arabica and Robusta beans. This makes the cost much cheaper, as Robusta plants are easy to cultivate in a variety of climates. 

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